Tips on location scouting

I am in the process of looking for a home to film in for a short film. I have looked online and used social media but have come up with very little options. Our shoot dates are closely approaching. Does anyone have any advise and tips on how/where to look for homes? Thanks!


  • Hire a location scout. They will find exactly wgat you are looking for.

  • I worked as a location scout in NY for four months. My best results came from actually going door to door and talking to homeowners. I found neighborhoods that fit the description of what we were looking for and I just knocked on the doors, had a flyer printed up and went for it. In NY or LA I would imagine this isn't totally uncommon. If people were home they would let me in or schedule an appointment, if they weren't home I would leave a flyer.

    My suggestion is that you print it up on nice paper though (Like heavy card stock) so it looks more professional. Nothing screams sketchy like basic printer paper and a millennial asking if they can come in and take photos of your house. Otherwise it reads as "Hey I'm casing the joint".

    Also check FB page - I need a Location!

    Let me know if you have any question. If you're not a people person, Location Scouting might be hard to do in some ways. I had good luck because I just do well with connecting with people. Not everyone does, so there is that.

  • Thanks for the help guys. Appreciate it!

  • Have you tried AirBnB? Several directors/producers I've worked with have found some rather nice shooting locations there...

  • is a GREAT resource. It's like AirBnB for production locations. They have everything from million-dollar homes in the hills, to small photo studios, to cafe/bar locations. I've used them on several shoots, and it worked out great. They even have a concierge service to help you with catering, AV rentals, etc. which I haven't used, but they do offer it.

  • I actually found a lace using AirBnB, but sometimes it's difficult with their strict contact rules. I will try all of the other suggestions. Thanks everyone for the advice.

    Let them know that you have to shoot a movie!

  • Hi! Attention attention everyone! is the way to go! It was started by a friend of a friend's and I've recommended it to many of my filmmaking friends. It is truly your one stop shop / Airbnb for film locations to go! Check it out!

  • Don't know if this is coming too late or not but Peerspace is a good site to check out. Depending on your budget.

  • Thanks. I checked peerspace but it has yet to come to Tampa. I will keep an eye out on it for the future though

  • Contacting the local Film Commission has always been a great resource for me, it works pretty well in New Jersey and Connecticut, it's kind of hit or miss in certain states, I'm not sure about Florida. Here is the website for the Florida Film Commission:

    Going to the Contact page and emailing the rep telling them what your looking for, or if they don't have a specific locations rep just emailing their info email address and telling them what you want they should get back to you no problem.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi, yes, get on Google Earth and look for homes near train tracks, highways and airports, then you can rule those out.

  • Try Airbnb or Homeaway

  • Need a Location Manager? That is what this position does for you. Do you have proper insurance that will pass Film LA for permits?

  • Hire someone like me in the area you are looking to find the location that you are seeking. Normally 1 or 2 scouts unless the 1st one has smething in their pocket for ya

  • Check out Giggster, it's a new Airbnb-like platform for filming locations!

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