Favorite Crafty Food/Snacks/Drinks

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Hi guys, I thought I'd have a little fun here and start a discussion on what crafty foods everyone likes the best. I'm sure we can all relate. I would say list 3 top food and drink items in your book in order starting from the your most favorite.

Who knows we might give productions an idea.

My favorite crafties are:
1.) Coffee
2.) Beef Jerky
3.) Trail Mix

Your turn! :)


    1. Red Vines!!!
    2. Mello Yello soda
    3. Pirates Booty
  • Bananas, any meat jerkys, tea

  • candy cigarettes, red bull and Sushi but it is rarely fresh so I don't get a chance after 12 and a half hours to really enjoy it. The red bull not the candy cigs.

  • Good coffee

  • Lara bars
    Aussie Bites (from Costco)

    1. Izzies
    2. Berries
    3. Hummus and Pita Bread
  • I always make sure Gummies candy is on set because it can be pocketed if needed and leaves no crumbs and isn't noisy to eat.

  • three of my favs...
    1) A juicer to make fresh juice in the morning or for afternoon pick-me-up (Beets & Apples a must)
    2) Seaweed sheets
    3) Tejava Iced Tea (more caffeine than coffee!)

  • Anything the crew can take with them. Individualized packages or smaller sized drinks makes them happier that they can still snack while not at the craft area. Bars, packs of peanuts, chips, healthy energy bars, smaller wrapped candy, etc. Dont waste money buying larger size bottles of water that will be left half full somewhere.

  • 1/2 PBJ sandwich (little protein, some quick sugar for energy), La Croix sparkling waters (fav = Cherry Lime), and Wasabi Soy Roasted Almonds.

    1. Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso Cans
    2. Brookfield Pomegranate & Dark Chocolate Candies
  • Fruit
    Peanut Mm

  • My preference is Coke and Plain Potato Chips. I don't need a 3rd. But I do try and get people to buy the rice rollers... it's what saved me when I heard that I was going to be PA'ing for a crew of 7 - all Vegans. They were Shocked at how good those Rice Rollers were. You'd think I'd be in their sales team, but it was just a happy discovery at Costco. http://www.foodfacts.com/ci/nutritionfacts/snack-foods/bamboo-lane-crunchy-rice-rollers-35-oz/208808

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    I like it when there are drink options other than just water and soda. I gave up sodas about eight years ago. Maybe some juice, coconut water or something. It's sometimes tough to eat and drink healthy in this business and sometimes it's nice for a non soda drinker to have something with little more flavor than just water

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