Casting Non-Union Children

Hey CD's, can anyone link me up to a good contact for child non-union actors? Or a group/site that can help spreading the word. Need two child actors (male and female) for an upcoming network reenactment shoot. Non-speaking roles. TY in advance. Pay for children.


  • I've had multiple positive experiences casting non-union, and even volunteer children actors and actresses from 800casting. Not the most.. finessed tool out there, but a surprising amount of options.

  • Also look for local Acting schools in the area you want to shoot.

  • Hire an actual CD. Union vs non-Union child actors is not an issue because child labor laws protect them and make sure you follow rules. Go to and post your project.

  • Julio, where are you located? I have a couple of good agencies here in South Florida that I've used when I worked with a short-form/long-form commercial production company.

    The budgets just didn't hold for union actors. We always treated our actors - kids and adults - with total respect to the law! And when one mom brought in her two trained acting kids for a shoot, and they were "not in the mood" for shooting, it was her non-booked toddler who came to the rescue! He was really into the whole product, and we hired him on the spot!

    I'm actually looking for two non-union actors as well for a project I'm currently budgeting. One "chubby" girl, 12-13-ish (think Abigail Breslin when she was in Little Miss Sunshine) and a younger boy.

  • It depends on your location, but we use MyCastingFile for our BG. LOTS of kids listed on there.

  • Try Actor's Access - indie's can Post their project and get union or non union actors of any age to submit - I think it is free to post a project. Have used it for projects before and gotten great submissions from actors, including kids.

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