Describe your job on set ... poorly

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badlyexplainyourjob is a trending hashtag on Twitter. Let's see what you come up with!


  • My favorite one I've seen so far: "I collect actual garbage to put behind your favorite TV and movie stars, and when my boss asks if I have anything else I can put behind them, I turn out my pockets and shrug like a Dickensian street urchin."

  • I solve problems using wads of tape, bits of cloth, crunched-up tinfoil, occasional hunks of metal, clothespins and styrofoam, lots of styrofoam.

  • I push a little red button. Or I yell at people to do it for me.

  • I look through hundreds of hours of footage of people getting ready on set while the camera runs, trying to find the 3 seconds of footage that someone else thinks is ideal, and then when I finally get every shot they need in the right order, someone else gets the credit.

  • I'm the person who makes talent good. Even though many think that because most eomen fo it on themselves that it cant be that big of a deal.

  • I move snacks and pieces of paper from place to place. Sometimes there are people and equipment attached to those snacks and pieces of paper.

  • I run back and forth between an area that looks like a yard sale and two people sitting on boxes next to a hunk of metal and glass. Occasionally I smack a couple of pieces of wood together in between the hunk of metal and glass and a talking prop.

  • I am a professional problem solver

  • I attach small electronics under peoples clothing so that I can listen in and record their conversations.

  • I ferry people back and forth from the bathroom to set like a glorified hall monitor and guard really tall lights like a bouncer.

  • I pick things up, then put them down

  • I plan everybody's movements for weeks in advance and then manage everybody's emotions when nothing goes as planned. I also take the blame for everything, eat last.

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