How do I Network to find work in Atlanta?

Hello, I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I have noticed that lately, it has been kind of difficult to find work as a PA in my city. (Atlanta) I have been on a couple of sets as a PA here and there. Everyone keeps telling me about all the films that are coming to film here. Maybe I'm not in the right network but I can't seem to find any work related to film work. I have been checking all the major sites and I still come up empty. Does anyone have any advice as to where a good place to network or look for opportunities would be? Thanks


  • Network on set. Are you looking for set PA work? Talk to the key PA, or anyone in the AD department during lunch breaks, at wrap, or whenever things are a bit slower going on set. I work in New York and there are tons of productions in town filming/gearing up, but looking on "major sites" or anywhere online you wouldn't know it. This is a word of mouth industry. If you want to stay employed you need to talk to people and make connections. Set is the best place to get started on that if you are new to the industry.

  • Thank you, Joseph!

  • You can also frequent the local industry networking events. Its all about the referrals.

  • Hey Valeriya what is a good network event here in Atlanta to attend?

  • Hey Victor,
    I'm in Atlanta. I just recently got into the industry but I've heard of some events.
    Film bar Monday is a popular one. Just FB search it. It's a group of film people who get together at a different bar every Monday.

  • Hello. I know this doesn't have to do with PA work but, I'm looking to move to ATL. I am DP/1st AC. Could someone point me in the right direction on who I should contact about building work and networking?


  • I'm new as well and started Googling networking events in the area. I've found that Eventbrite and Facebook are great places to look, especially because they offer related suggestions. Film Bar Mondays is a good ones. Look up the Atlanta Film Society events. There's also the Black List happy hour, which is geared more for writers, but still a good place to meet people. Indie Film Loop, which runs the 48-hour film project, is hosting a conference in September.

  • Networking events are ok but not effective. The best way to network in Atlanta is to come up with your own brand and start working. Atlanta is filled with people that need your services so don't chase the work make the work chase you, thats how you stand out. The best way to fet clients is to let them see you working.

  • Hello everyone,
    My name is Mariam ,
    I have just joinded this website I am a PA and freelance makeup artist located in Orlando, FL looking to volunteer and help out assisting makeup artists on sets , as well as doing PA work I am very detail oriented quick learner , hard working , take directions very well and a great team player I'd love to learn more and expand my knowledge in the industry from pioneer makeup artists and diffrent sets big or small .
    I can do literally anything, run errands, drive crew and cast if require for help ,make coffee, anything craft related , prepare meals very handy even with cooking, carry kits and equipments, lift heavy boxes, cables, help with camera , clean brushes , organize your schedule or anything forms related,I want to get my feet wet I have worked in small non union short films and students films, but willing to learn more and watch hands on hands pro jobs to take my skills to the next level .
    If you have any tips or know someone in need for help in FL I am ready to volunteer your recommandations are much apprciated .



  • Hello everyone,

    I'm a production assistant looking for work, but I do not know where to start here in atl. any advice on how to get production work for tv show/ film?

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