Anyone here doing corporate productions based on RFP's?

Most do you find RFP's to consider and then how do you respond to them to have the best chance at landing them?

I'm looking for those marketing, branding, sales, and promotional productions that tons of corporate clients need, but it is tough to find the requests or chance to bid.


  • Don't have exact experience in this particular instance, but what about reaching out to the marketing/PR departments of companies you're looking at?

  • That is an excellent idea and I have done that in the past. Although sometimes it can be a challenge to get that info to get to the decision maker.

    But I know there are places and ways to find RFP's...just wondering if anyone is aware or has used any that worked. I know there are paid services that will send you lists of RFP's, but those are mainly for governmental RFP's and come with a lot of requirements.

  • If there is a secret RFP list I would love to find it.

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