Work In ATL When living out of the state.


My name is Ty Stone and I am a DP and 1st AC. I am looking to move to Atlanta from the east coast. I would like to start building a network and relationships with people, but I am lost in the dark on what to do, who I should contact, and what to look at.

Any advice would be great.



  • You bra I'm in Atlanta also trying to come up. Call me 813-464-9045

  • Hey Ty.
    It depends on how far do you live. I recently made the move from Chattanooga, but it was only 2h away. I was able to get a few gig on and off for a while before moving. I'm still trying to figure out the town and make connections, but being here I have met more people in the industry in 2 weeks than I did in a year being out of state.
    Ideally you can save up 3-6 months of your expenses and move in here with a roommate. Then you can start working on a few projects and make your connections.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hey Ty,
    I'm in the ATL. Let's network. 253-777-5887

  • Same here. I'm an Avid/Premiere Pro editor and I've been trying to get work on some of the shows listed here but it's hard since I'm not local. I lived in Atlanta for a few years and moved back to South Florida. I've got friends I can stay with in Atlanta until the move back is permanent.

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