Crediting a writer/producer/actor.

Hi all! I am currently working on a web series. The writer is also the sole financier, as well as the star of the series. Currently he is being credited as an actor, writer, EP, and the director (he was supposed to direct, but is in nearly every scene and hasn't been able to direct). What is everyone's opinion on how he should be credited? I am suggesting "Show Creator" as well as his acting credit. Does that seem appropriate? I want to make sure credit is given where it's due, but having his name role 4 times seems excessive.



  • You should ask HIM and credit him per his specs. If he wants to be credited for each role, FINE! Many indies wear hats and there is no reason or stigma against getting credit for each role preformed. Again, ask your EP/Writer/Actor ... what he wants. If he is contributing so much to your project, he deserves the credit; if someone else is Directing, give them Directors credit and if you EP/Writer/Actor still wants directing credit, perhaps a co-director credit will do; you can also credit both as Director.

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