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What's everyone's favorite pre-production software or ap? I work for a live broadcasting company that needs a better calendar and database. Ive looked for industry specific items and they are always script based. I need something more project based that I can attach gear out lists, call sheets and proposals to. I would love to attach crew and producers to projects as well. Does anyone have any recommendations? The cheaper the better as I still have to convince the team they need it.


  • Ya know, I have yet to find a better way of managing production documents than Google Docs and Drop Box. For PO logs, and calendars I use Google Docs. For record keeping like vendor files, releases, invoices etc I set up a drop box. I often have my coordinators/APs/PAs upgrade to Pro Drop Box for the run of production and include the $10 in the budget.

  • if you're going to use google docs, you may as well stay in the suite and use google drive instead of dropbox. it's also much cheaper.

  • Like Conal mentioned, I use google calendar and the rest of the suite to stay connected with my team. I use iCal as the interface though. Works well for me!

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    What about You can generate call sheet, attach crew and producers to the production and overview them all

    Try it for free and I can give you an personal demo if you like.

    Production Hero Production Management

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