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What's everyone's favorite pre-production software or ap? I work for a live broadcasting company that needs a better calendar and database. Ive looked for industry specific items and they are always script based. I need something more project based that I can attach gear out lists, call sheets and proposals to. I would love to attach crew and producers to projects as well. Does anyone have any recommendations? The cheaper the better as I still have to convince the team they need it.


  • Ya know, I have yet to find a better way of managing production documents than Google Docs and Drop Box. For PO logs, and calendars I use Google Docs. For record keeping like vendor files, releases, invoices etc I set up a drop box. I often have my coordinators/APs/PAs upgrade to Pro Drop Box for the run of production and include the $10 in the budget.

  • if you're going to use google docs, you may as well stay in the suite and use google drive instead of dropbox. it's also much cheaper.

  • Like Conal mentioned, I use google calendar and the rest of the suite to stay connected with my team. I use iCal as the interface though. Works well for me!

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    What about You can generate call sheet, attach crew and producers to the production and overview them all

    Try it for free and I can give you an personal demo if you like.

    Production Hero Production Management

  • I'm also a fan of DropBox and Google Docs/Sheets. For a more project based way of sharing and discussing task items, there is a free site Asana with a solid mobile interface that I have used as well

  • The challenge of trying to find a packaged app is that the packaged app has a learning curve associated with it. I have used Asana, Bootcamp, and still use Bitrix24 as project management apps. They work great in my production company because employees can be persuaded to adopt and there is time to learn the software.

    For a typical production job however, using tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox are hard to beat because most people already know them and know how to use them. In the fast paced production environment you want new team members to jump and and get going as quickly as possible.

  • Here is a cool program I occasionally use to create call sheets

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