Do I have to choose one to specialise for the film Industry?

edited June 2017 in General Production

I get jobs mainly Wardrobe, HMU as I have been doing this back in the UK non union. Now I'm in my 2nd yr in USA, I found out to join the Union I can only choose one, does this matter in Non Union jobs or just for Union? For Producers, Directors, DP, Camera Operators, Sound Mixers, Costumers, Makeup etc, does it matter for you or can you still keep work in any mixed skills positions? Someone trying to talk me into being a specialist in one.


  • For me, in post, I run into people who want to do music, after-effects and edit and also sometimes shoot. They may get low-budget jobs where they want you to do everything but my advice is to find what you really love and specialize and be an expert in it. You will never be as great doing 10 different jobs as a person who focuses and dedicates all their time on just one.

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