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Hi I'm a PA from Cleveland, and I'm looking to move to Atlanta. Any PA's want to network because I don't have any connections in Atlanta? Any help would be appreciated.


  • Hey @Nick Georgopoulos ! I'm in Atlanta. Are you looking for full-time paid work or open? I'm new to the industry and so am working on unpaid/low budget indies. If you're interested, I can put you in touch with the people I'm working with. That, or I can send you some resources for events and meetups where I've met people.

    Let me know!

  • Yes thank you! I'm looking for paid or full time since I'll need money to support myself when I move to Atlanta. Apartment and utilities cost is basically what I need to afford lol. Any help is appreciated.

  • Fair enough. I, unfortunately, can't help out much in that regard but Facebook and Eventbrite are great places to find networking events. That's how I got in. You should also check out the Atlanta Film Society events page.

  • Okay thanks for the advice.

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    Nick Atlanta is a Southern state that does not pay well in general no matter what field that you are in....just do so some research before you take off to ATL. The cost of living seems low but the job opportunities and pay is not compensatory to the cost of living in GA. Since the early 90's many people have flocked to Atlanta and the city is over populated.

  • Thanks James, well I guess I was trying to say is I would like a guaranteed job in Atlanta before I make the move. Or it might be better to just go there and see what happens. Not really sure lol.

  • Yea man I understand. There are plenty of television station in Atlanta if you have that type of experience. Atlanta is the # 8 news market out of 210.... So you have to have some experience under your belt. You can always just go and see what happens.

  • Hey Nick, I live here in Atlanta, and I can tell you there is plenty of work on the ground here. Many people are moving from LA here because of the increase of work. Reality, Scripted, and the indie scene is really vibrant here.

  • I wish I could move from Cleveland to Atlanta Torrey. I just need a PA job that's guaranteed and housing. I also heard the movie Night School is going to be filming next month in Georgia. That would be fun.

  • Nick, your best bet is to move to Atlanta and then look for work. You may have to get another job while more production work picks up for you. You should be a local first, learn the area. Good luck!

  • It's looking like I'm going to be moving eventually Brendan. I guess patience is the key and something will work out.

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