Getting My Footage for Reels?

Any advice from cam ops out there on getting footage from shoots for use in show reels? I've been having a hard time getting through the right channels to get mine back after the fact. Anyone use external monitor/recorders to duplicate on site? Or other methods? Thanks!


  • You've got to take initiative to get the footage on site for sure. I've never seen any production company willing to help me get my footage for promotional use later unless I personally had an inside connection, acne even then it can be pretty hard.

    An ATOMOS Ninja monitor recorder or similar field monitor will allow you to record dual copies of your footage. Or just make sure to have way to copy your footage prior to deleting it. Good luck!

  • I always negotiate the use of 'my footage' when I get hired. That way the dialogue has already started and the point person with authority to sign off on releasing that footage is established. During the shoot, I also follow up with that person so that they are reminded. They will also state to you what you need to do to get that footage.

  • I'm a post supervisor and I take these requests all the time. Typically it's a trt limit since the company doesn't own the footage as the client does. Always ask the post super - they'll help you out if they are cool.

  • Get really friendly with your on set Media Manager.

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    Two things to keep in mind: First, as Mel Rasnsier stated, the production company doesn't own the footage. Second, footage is almost never released prior to a show airing. That leaves a couple options - make contact with the post team (like Mel) or record the show at home. Recording or duplicating footage while in the field could get you into trouble especially if there is any sensitivity with the talent or show topics. I suggest using the proper channels (the post department) and getting your request in early before everyone is wrapped.

  • Another option, as long as you are willing to suffer the companies editing choices... Buy, download the finished piece if possible. Not exactly RAW, but if all else fails.

    I have had a few even send me a disc or link. At least a little cleaner if they do that.

    This bypasses the air-first issues.

  • Is it this difficult to get reel footage if you are working at low/deferred budget?

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