Work as local travel tips

Anybody have any tips for travel and lodging on the cheap for working out of town as local?

My local area is starting to dry up a bit and I'm looking to work a little further out of town.


  • Only thing I can think of is checking out Air BnB and see if it will be affordable to you during the production. I am trying to figure this out for myself as well.

  • (especially if you can lock equipment in your car)

  • Thanks E.J. and Brenda! What's the furthest any of you have travelled for work (on your own dime)?

  • I have travelled from Eastport, Maine to Boston and but the travel was partially reimbursed along with tolls

  • Hi James! If you're going to a bigger city, don't be afraid of hostels. It's typically way cheaper (Sometimes as low as $10 a night!) and they are just as safe as a hotel. If sharing a room isn't your jam, try Hotwire HotRates or Priceline Express Deals where you get to choose the area, but not the exact hotel. They usually have decent rates! When I was working my way out of PA-dom I constantly traveled on my own dime just to build rapport with crews and companies. Not cheap, but worth it in the long run! Hope this helps!

  • Thanks Marissa...that's great information!

  • Hey James! Hostels is the way to go! It's how I get down when I take a gig worth the investment. Many hostels can go for 15 - 22 bucks a night. Marrisa is on point! Another app that you should look at is, compared to Expedia there is a big difference in pricing for the same hostel.

  • Thanks Miguel!

  • I wouldn't risk staying with my expensive sound equipment in hostel, no how, no way!

  • Good point Martin! But I'm hoping to not have to travel with gear. :smile:

  • Get a private room at a hostel. Don't go on about it too much if you are over 35: some have explicit rules that cater to youth, some do not. Even a private room can be about 45 or so or even 30 in Brooklyn, NY

  • This is great info, I'm new to the forum. I don't know where to begin asking a question because I just purchased my new membership. Although, just reading through some of the topics of discussions has helped me tremendously already. I'm short-handing like a secretary; if that still exists.

  • Although one question comes to mind. Should I really list ALL of my equipment on my profile? Or should this be optional? Also, does it make a huge difference in doing so?

  • I'm on the fence about this, because I'd rather be hired because of my talent, but I've also lost out on jobs because of not having gear that a production wanted.

    There are other benefits though; if someone is interested in hiring you in the first place and would like to use your gear then it's possible that they can strike a deal with you that saves them money on the gear rental while increasing your profit from the job, so you both win.

  • Rakesh Malik, Thanks, bro!!!!!! I was actually thinking about other possibilities around those Lines.

  • This traveling to work as a local I feel is a downward spiral. Productions should be traveling crew and paying the per diems. It's how it used to work. Now I'm seeing posts about shoots in so many backwater places all looking for locals, and people are just playing into the hands by paying out of pocket when productions should be budgeting to travel the crew that they need to do the projects they want to make. You can bet that the producers and all the above the line folks are getting their travel paid for, and you can bet that the executives are getting richer because they are pocketing money that should be invested in their crew. By doing this out pocket we are in effect paying to work. I am actually saddened that we are having this conversation. People willing to be put themselves up in cheap hostels is a sad indictment of the state of this industry at this time.

  • Martin Kittappa. You know, your comment holds massive weight. Although, how do I get around this? I mean, just starting out with this type of job posting, what leverage do I have vs. my competitors? When they post... "they chose to pay for it" just because they want the gig?

  • Martin, I absolutely agree! In my short time in the industry, I've also seen rates plummeting. I'm hoping to get on productions that are willing to pay for travel, but until then, I have to go where the work is.

  • james Drake, So true!!!!

  • I will get in trouble if I say what I am really thinking, I usually do, but, the better productions pay the travel costs, hotels, etc. You just have to, in my opinion, get past the ones that don't and start working for the ones that do. I hope that makes sense. Thank you.

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