Alternate Sources for Costume and Wardrobe staff?

Costume/wardrobe positions seem one of the most overlooked arenas on staffmeup. How do other wardrobe supervisors/dressers/seamstresses/costume designers, especially among the lower rungs look for work? I am even open to lower budget opportunities, but I just don't see very many compared to the industry I am coming from.


  • I am in the same boat and also interested in knowing this. I have education and tons of theatrical experience, but have moved to a new location and have gotten ZERO response to my resume. I wish you the best of luck.

  • It has been really hard here in Atlanta to look for wardrobe :(

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    Networking.. Facebook has a couple of forums specifically for professional costumers, but mostly building relationships and keeping people apprised of your availability. Websites are best for portfolio since it is a visual medium, keep your imdb updated. Wardrobe positions are a minority on staffmeup, productionhub and other sites, but they seem to very slowly be growing. There are mixers/meetups for industry people, but they seem to mostly be for other crew people also looking for work. I don't have a clear, specific answer after working in wardrobe for 20 years, other than to say polish up the best of your work and present it as professionally as possible, keep it updated and always be looking both for gigs and to build client relationships [that lead to repeat gigs]. I've primarily worked in LA, can't speak for other cities. So much of it is random-- I just completed a high-profile, very involved design job I applied for through an unassuming listing, you just never know. Just be safe and aware-- don't go to someone's house you don't know from a craigslist post, etc. and always let people know who you're meeting and where. I had gotten a few small jobs from craigslist in the past when I was starting out, but they always proved to be more trouble than they were worth in terms of rate and unprofessionalism. Theater is very different from film/tv, I recommend interning or being a wardrobe p.a. on at least one project to learn the basic format and methods.

  • I must say it helps to know some people. I got a couple of my gigs by simply knowing people already working on set. When I wanted to get my break in Set design/decorating in Atlanta, all I COULD get at that point was wardrobe because I had experience through networking. So then I had to network in Art department. It def helps to make friends.

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