Makeup Artist assistant and PA ready to work

Hello everyone,
My name is Mariam ,
I have just joinded this website I am a PA and freelance makeup artist located in Orlando, FL looking to volunteer and help out assisting makeup artists on sets , as well as doing PA work I am very detail oriented quick learner , hard working , take directions very well and a great team player I'd love to learn more and expand my knowledge in the industry from pioneer makeup artists and diffrent sets big or small .
I can do literally anything, run errands, drive crew and cast if require for help ,make coffee, anything craft related , prepare meals very handy even with cooking, carry kits and equipments, lift heavy boxes, cables, help with camera , clean brushes , organize your schedule or anything forms related,I want to get my feet wet I have worked in small non union short films and students films, but willing to learn more and watch hands on hands pro jobs to take my skills to the next level .
If you have any tips or know someone in need for help in FL I am ready to volunteer your recommandations are much apprciated .



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