Clients want a professional Video at an amateur price.

What is going on in the world today? I am meeting a lot of people who want me to produce professional videos for them and they want to pay $400 - $500. I'm talking preproduction, production and post. Now I mostly work as a cam op and inform them that is my rate for just that service and they reply with "I just want a 5 minute video". I don't know folks, is anyone else experiencing this? And how do you handle this?


  • If they are saying it's "Just" a 5-minute video, they clearly don't understand what goes into video production and the cost of crew/equipment. You should educate them as to what it takes to make a professional video and break down, dollar by dollar, what you'd be making after all the time is put in. If they don't understand why you can't do it for that cheap, they are not the client for you.

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