Clients want a professional Video at an amateur price.

What is going on in the world today? I am meeting a lot of people who want me to produce professional videos for them and they want to pay $400 - $500. I'm talking preproduction, production and post. Now I mostly work as a cam op and inform them that is my rate for just that service and they reply with "I just want a 5 minute video". I don't know folks, is anyone else experiencing this? And how do you handle this?


  • If they are saying it's "Just" a 5-minute video, they clearly don't understand what goes into video production and the cost of crew/equipment. You should educate them as to what it takes to make a professional video and break down, dollar by dollar, what you'd be making after all the time is put in. If they don't understand why you can't do it for that cheap, they are not the client for you.

  • I'm in the same situation as you. I make videos (contract job) for a fitness startup company in San Francisco. I only get paid $100 per video (pre-production, production and post-production) as a director, editor and videographer. I wanted to get paid more (I almost quit), but the CEO/founder said that he'll only pay $100 maximum. Due to the startup having problems and low income, I can't request more than $100. Due to this job being very challenging/rewarding/looks good on my resume, I'm keeping it until I move to Los Angeles. He'll pay me more in the future though. I just have to deal with it, yet I strongly feel that I'll do a better job if I get paid more.


  • People use their phones and think they are professionals. It's more than just point and shoot.

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    Know your worth and don't settle for less.

  • Send them to me, Ill deliver professional quality at armature prices as I am just getting started in the industry.

  • I once had a bankruptcy attorney tell me that he wanted to film the video on a cell phone, because he didn't want it to look too professional. I had to educate him that his potential customer base won't want him to represent them if he doesn't look extremely professional. Sometimes I just don't understand it.

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