I'm curious to know how many people seem to find that FloSports posts looking for camera ops in many of the same cities that they've posted previously. I wonder if the rate they post ($200.00) for a full day, they're having a hard time finding quality operators. One would think they should have an established list since they are coming back to the same place!


  • I'm curious myself. I don't think I've had a chance to work with them, but I have applied I'm pretty sure. But there are always seems to be listings from them. But at the same time it's a good thing.

  • I've applied to a bunch of postings and on at least 2 of the 3 ones that are current there are only 11 applications. The 3rd one has 19. I also wonder if they are posting and hiring from another site or they are rehiring people and just looking for 1 or 2 people per post since some of my applications are left on "application sent" from months ago

  • Considering the rate is for a full day and I believe 12hrs. the rate isn't a typical rate for shooting sports. The rate is theoretically less than minimum wage. The rate should be based on an 8 hour day with overtime 1.5x over 8 and 2x over 10. Prior to considering applying for this job, I would suggest thinking about what you're really being paid. Whether payroll (is it a net $200?) or if you're invoicing (you're responsible of declaring the income and it could be at a higher rate). If we all just take jobs for the sake of working and except rates below standard, this continues the downhill trend of working for less and more hours/days. I'm sure we all get into this field for the creativity and experiences it can bring, but it's still a business and 98% of those hiring you are doing so for profit on their end. We all take certain projects for the opportunities they can bring and depending on your level of experience you may give more of yourself to start. There's no problem with that, initially, but it shouldn't be a habit.

  • I've worked for Flo on a gig as a PA. They shoot sporting events that are for a streaming audience. Usually, they are doing college or HS sports, not ESPN type stuff which accounts for the lower rate. I'm guessing novice operators could land these gigs, and if there's a screw up, there's not a lot a lot at stake. Overall, the people I dealt with from Flo were pleasant to deal with. They are just not a huge, big budget company, but they are good in the space theyre in.

  • I've worked 5 or 6 gigs with Flo Sports throughout the Midwest. The management and technical director staff is typically very accommodating and professional. I've asked for higher rates or travel expenses in some cases. The only downside is they tend to ask for A LOT of help wrapping out of locations, and often have cam ops working for hours spooling cables and packing boxes. I've walked away after one really bad instance of this, but stayed for others. Never a major complaint with these guys.

  • Flosports is one of my favorite companies to work for. They are wonderful.

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