Landing First production coordinator job

Hi all,

I'm trying to step into the next phase of my career. I do a lot coordinator duties under the title of Broadcast Desk associate right now for corporate broadcasting. I book crews, compile call sheets and review shoot specs with clients. I apply to a lot of coordinator roles but nothing seems to come back. Any advice is welcome!


  • You're stuck in a weird place where you've been doing coordinator duties but don't have the title to get another gig with. I think everyone has this problem when trying to transition into a higher position. Two things that worked for me.

    One step up your cover letter. When your resume isn't doing it on its own a more dynamic CL can help. Also expand your network. Working corporate versus working freelance limits the coordinator positions you hear about. The predominate ways freelancers get their work is word of mouth or through their network. This might mean going out and taking a step back into a PA gig to beef up your network. It sucks, but the more people you know = the more jobs you hear about.

  • Working as an Office PA was how I got my first Coordinator gig. I did a couple-week gig as an Office PA on a show and then my PM liked me enough to ask me if I'd like to be the Coordinator on the next show she was PM on.
    I wish I had more helpful advice than that, but that's how it worked for me!

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