YouTube Red experiences

I'm curious to see how others' experiences have been in working on YouTube Red shows? I've worked on 2 YouTube Red shows so far and had positive experiences on both.

The first one was a surprisingly low rate, but the second was my standard rate. On both shows, I found the notes process to be very light and it seemed to me that the "network" of YouTube Red valued the opinion of the "content creators'" more than the typical network notes where they overvalue the latest focus group trends and such which tend to get in the way of telling better/more creative stories in reality tv.

How about you? I'm also interested in hearing how production folks find the experience with this new digital network.


  • I've worked on one YTR show as a post coordinator, and my experience was similar.

    Rates were moderate but on the lower side. The creator had tons of say, and YouTube didn't dominate the discussion. Their deliverables were a WIP, so you could tell they were new at this and still developing their own workflow.

    It also ended up being a very smooth-sailing show, even after the creator came in several weeks after lock of the first episode and insisted on a re-cut.

  • Aaron, what position were you working as on these shows?

  • I worked on a YTR series. Low end, but to be expected as its still considered "new media".

    Had Youtube reps on site a few times, but not as a note taker, but as an observer. Everything ran smooth, very professional, and lots of fun. If you get the chance to work on a show id recommend it. I might be a bit biased because I love working new media projects.

  • I shot season 1 of Escape The Night and Directed 8 cameras for the gameplay of Season 2. I love this Network and with Google about to launch their provider service this YouTubeRed is about to be a house hold name.

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