Joining the Producers Guild

Anyone a member who can tell me what the benefits are of joining?


  • I have several friends who are in, and they always bring up screeners, screeenings and networking events, but I'd be curious if it there are other solid perks, especially on the job-search front.

  • Yes, I've heard the same re screeners, etc. Wondering what other benefits there may be.

  • It's very expensive to join/fees. I'm sure it is a great organization, and they have great events (I've attended as a guest). I would love to see more opportunities for organizations (like the Academy) offer job leads, but that has never happened. At least the Academy is way cheaper and has (arguably) cooler events and as affiliated with the Emmys.

  • Ed - sounds like you're you don't recommend joining. Is that correct?

  • It's up to the individual. I have no current plans to join. Maybe in the future. I prefer the Academy. For me, the screeners would collect dust. This year's movies are awful. Haha

  • I have been a member since the early days. Benefits I have enjoyed are 1) Mentoring program. 2) The seminars are excellent. 3) I screened a rough cut of an indi doc I did at the guild and the feedback was awesome. 4) I have gotten a gig from the jobs board. 5) You get to put the cool "PGA" behind your name just like all the big producers.

  • Oh. 6) Then there are the screeners and screenings.

  • Conal's points are all very salient & accurate benefits, I have a few to add:

    1) Costs - If you are joining at a Coordinator level (production or post) the costs are very reasonable). Anything higher than that is more expensive, but nothing compared to the DGA or something in IATSE.

    2) Jobs - In addition to the jobs, they have yearly job forum's that I have been hired for several times

    I also 2nd some previously made points; great networking events, seminars, conference all designed for you to meet people, increase your knowledge and further your career. The simple pleasure benefits are receiving screeners and attending free screenings, that sometimes have very informative Q&As.

    Then there are random things likes discounts on a wide variety of goods & services.

    I recommend it highly.

  • Thanks for the insight, Daniel

  • Daniel & Conal said most of what I was thinking. 3 additional thoughts:
    1. the PGA is what you make of it. Obviously no one is just going to walk up to you and offer you a job or buy your show just because you're in the guild... but people will understand that you've been vetted and hit certain career milestones in order to even be a member, which is good.
    2. I've gained a wealth of information at conferences & screenings (I think sometimes people just focus on trying to be seen by an A-lister instead of hearing everything they have to say).
    3. Taking advantage of the opportunities to serve on committees has certainly upped my PGA experience, because I'm building genuine working relationships with other producers I might not normally meet, I get to do my own vetting when I see how well people work together, and of course I'm giving back to something I care about.

    My 2 cents. I encourage everyone to join. Do the cheaper AP/Coordinator level if you can.

  • I'm echoing those in the "worth it" camp. I've gotten significant work, learned a great deal and had a chance to be 'hands-on' with new technologies such as VR through the guild. Highly recommend.

  • Thanks for the input, Bradley.

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    I too have been contemplating, and will be checking in on this forum for the growing running commentary. As a DGA member, I'd be looking to join Producer's Guild for the networking opp's, and I'm interested in attracting more LP/UPM jobs/opp's, and the Producer's Guild networking events (I'm lead to believe) offer more relevant opportunities.

    And as Daniel and Charlise have attested, the Coordinator level/entry level dues are relatively manageable...again, as compared to DGA, for instance.


  • Hey Jordan, I'm a member in New York - I find it most useful, as folks have said above, for networking events, the screeners of course, and seminars that are free or at a greatly reduced price. Can't say it's landed me any gigs but it definitely carries some clout when interviewing with knowledgeable companies.

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