Stagnant Rates in Post Production

edited January 2017 in Post Production

Curious for those in post production...

Has anyone else felt as though rates have relatively remained the same or decreased over the past several years across the board?


  • I haven't noticed that, but I bounce around a lot between projects with large budget differences (ex. web vs TV) so my rate is always in flux based on the project's budget.

    With that being said, I used to work with a freelancer who cut almost exclusively for one post house and every 3-4 months when he rolled from one show to the next (which required new start paperwork) he would up his rate slightly. That's one way to keep your rate up. ;)

  • I have found this to be the case. I seem to recall SMU adding a feature re: rates. I wonder how that's going. I think it's on the producer to stay competitive in giving their top rate desired.

  • Same rates, I've just noticed fewer jobs in unscripted.

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