Credit List or Resume?

What do you guys typically use when applying for mid- and upper-level producing jobs (FP, Field Sup, Senior Producer, Producer/Shooter, etc), a one-sheet credit list or more in-depth multi-page resume (like the one staffmeup generates for you)? I typically use a one-sheet, as I have very extensive credits, and this seems to be the norm for people with many years experience. Also, when asked for references, is the golden rule still 3? I'm always tempted to send more but feel like 3 is what's expected. Is 5 trying too hard?


  • IMHO a solid 1 page resume is what you need. Leave a little to be discussed in the interview. And all you need is 3 references. Again, just my two cents.

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    Thanks, Chad. Sounds like my instincts have been correct. I have sent both one-page and long form before, and noticed they usually seem to print and refer to the one-page during the interview.

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