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Do "Producer" titles mean anything consistent anymore? Used to be, the title "Producer" was the top person running the show. Over the years, we've added "Executive Producer", "Co-Ep", "Supervising Producer", "Senior Producer", "Series Producer", and of course "Story Producer", "Producer", "Field Producer", etc. I'm sure a lot of this has to do with the fact that reality shows are unfortunately non-union. This means DGA and WGA members must be credited as some form of "Producer". I have several "Supervising Producer" credits for when I was actually the showrunner. Nowadays, "Supervising Producer" can mean anything from logistical producer to writer/director, etc. Are there industry standards to any of these titles today are are titles always open to interpretation? I have heard that in the future, as budgets get smaller, there will only be 2 titles/positions per show: The Showrunner and the Runner.


  • Without the governance of labor unions and the standards and practices they proscribe, the producers of non-scripted entertainment are able to trade titles in lieu of greater monetary compensation. Therefore, you see a significantly greater number of "producer" titles given. Unfortunately, this tends to elevate one's credit currency beyond the experience actually earned.

  • Tom...great question. It seems that the term Co-producer is often confused by many to think its 1/2 of the producing team if there are two producers. From my experience to use this title properly you have two or more Producers that make up a part of a producing team underneath a Producer and are tasked with certain pieces of the production. So if you have two Producers producing a movie they would just be called Producers not Co-Producers.

    In terms of Feature Films here is the general run down

    Executive Producer - Found the $$ or is an investor
    Producer - In charge creatively and for the overall project
    Line Producer - Logistics, Budgets, Schedules, Crew etc
    Co-Producer - Working with another Co-Producer to accomplish a number of tasks
    Associate Producer - Often helping with development, post etc...

    Reality TV is primarily the market that uses Field Producers, Story Producers, Segment Producers etc..

  • Well articulated Brandon.

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