WGA Story Producers


After being in the unscripted business for many years, I believe it is widely known that the role of Story Producer is pretty much a writing role. However due to early failures of the Writer's Guild to successfully unionize this fledging position, it remains a "producing" position. I believe that it is a crucial and well established role on many productions - yet it is treated as a lower and some what undervalued position by editors and executive producers.

Any thoughts on this? I'm curious to know if any folks have heard interesting/different ways this role is treated. Also if anyone has heard of attempts successful or not to unionize this role.

BTW I realize the endemic risk in discussing this, but I want to raise a family soon and don't see it happening with how unstable work has been lately for me. Residuals on some of the hit shows I've worked on could REALLY come in handy now.

Thank you,

Catherine Oyster

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