Off Speed Shooting

It would be a great idea to establish a library of settings for quick reference for different shooting scenarios.

I would like to kick it off starting with off Speed Shooting.

It seems like there are many settings that can be used for Slow Motion, Time Lapse, High Speed and more.

These settings can be influenced by other settings on various camera systems and even environments. Including shutter, frame rate, light cycles, operating frequency, subject movement and more.

What was the best settings you found for your off Speed assignments. Whether it was a sunset, sunrise, rubber burning/spinning tires, water dripping, dance, animals or whatever, list your assignment, camera, operating frequency, frame rate, shutter speed and whether there was an environment factor such as a cycling light to deal with or overcome. The point is to establish a real world reference for DPs, Operators and ACs.

Subject: Surgery Prep
Camera: Sony FS-7
Frequency: 59.94
Frame Rate: 120
Shutter: NA
ECS: 180.7

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