Booking Agents

Does anyone use booking agents to crew up their shows? What has been your experience with it? I was recently approached via LinkedIn by a booking agent who was offering to book me on possible shows coming to my market for a 15% fee.


  • Sounds like a rip off to me but that's just my opinion.

  • How do I find more gigs?

  • I have a booking agent in the Boston market and it's been life-changing, honestly.

  • Agents take 10%
    It "was" always a write off for taxes
    I found it worth it.

  • Well, you're your own booking agent so I don't see a problem with farming it out. Actors have agents. Directors and Writers have agents. Many creative people have agents. I've even worked with Studio Teachers who had an agency (it was great!!! Stella Pacific if you guys need a studio teacher with short notice). Why shouldn't other crew members also have agents.

    That being said, I'm sure there are some sketchy types that would take advantage. Like anything, it has to pass the smell test. Finding gigs is a lot of work and having an agent or headhunter for ourselves can free up our time to work on other things. Plus, an agent can help negotiate on your behalf.

    I'd love to have my own agent (I'm a producer) honestly!

  • How do you find booking agents? The way I figure it, if I had a sales person on staff I would pay them 10-15% commissions so I am good with that.

    I do a lot of corporate stuff and events, but want to get back to more of the higher end production and would love to find an agent to rep me.

  • I tried booking agents for Background work, not crew gigs and my booking agent definitely got me booked plenty! Was very satisfied! For crew, try for weekly production listings newsletter of projects currently in development and pre-production. Got some great gigs from MPR and know of others who have booked big $$$ gigs.

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