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KEEP IT RELEVANT. This is a community about production and we want to keep it that way. Please keep your posts and conversations focused on production.

KEEP IT RESPECTFUL. This is a site for professionals. That means that if you can’t say it on set, you shouldn’t say it here. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t attack people, use names and everything else we have known about human decency since we were 5 years old. Trolls are not welcome here. And of course, no discrimination based on gender, disability, race, etc.

NO ADVERTISING OR SELF-PROMOTION. This includes “I’m available and need a job!!” posts. We created a place for you to introduce yourself and find people in your area to collaborate with here in the networking thread: . Outside of that, please don’t advertise your services or have self-promoting posts.

KEEP IT LEGAL. Don’t advocate or enable any illegal activity. This includes posting links to illegal downloads or any other content that violates copyright or intellectual property laws.

KEEP IT CLEAN. Please don’t post profanities or pornography.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS/ISSUES WITH STAFFMEUP.COM please check out our FAQ or contact us at We’ll be happy to address your concerns directly.

HOW TO FLAG INAPPROPRIATE/IRRELEVANT COMMENTS If you see a comment that is inappropriate or irrelevant, simply click on the FLAG underneath the comment. It is the first icon in the row.

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