Multicamera to Facebook Live

Hello all -- looking for anyone interested in producing content for Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube & other streaming platforms. I have a substantial amount of live production experience and also have equipment for live switching & encoding in a portable rack. Interested to hear about what others are thinking about Facebook Live and the like, and what's in development for those platforms.


  • Hi Alex, I think the idea of FBL and YTL are amazing and not yet exploited enough. Would love the idea of talking more about this. I have work as DP and/or director for several multicam shows but not for consumer broadcast. Would really like to hear more about what you have in mind! I am based in NYC, where are you?

  • I'm looking to offer advice and production/tech support to producers who are in exactly that type of situation -- multi-camera experience & skills, and looking to apply that within a live workflow.

  • oh OK, thought perhaps you were looking to actually create something for live streaming. OK, will keep you in mind for the future! Good luck.

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