So I'm looking to purchase a new DSLR... is the 5D still the best option?

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  • I just bought a 5D in October and I love it. It's a great camera and not super crazy expensive. Before buying, a lot of people tried talking me into the Sony A7s. I decided on the 5D because most of the shows I work on use the 5D at some point during production but I have seen a few more post lately on SMU listing the A7s.

  • Mark 3 is still a great camera...but I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss the new As7 cameras.

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    A7s series cameras seem to be taking over. There's still lots of demand for 5D because many productions are still holding onto the workflow and accessories. It really comes down to your situation. If you're a solo-shooter, don't rent out, have your own workflow, need the best image possible--A7s/II is a better bet IMHO. If you're mostly collaborating with other teams, renting out, need the most fast and rugged workflow, 5D2/3 is more likely your tool of choice.

    The story will likely be very different in a couple more years once everyone has finally given up on the Canon DSLR line-up.

  • As a sound mixer who has just started a production company with a friend, I have been using my old 7D Mk1 to shoot with, but I see the need the need to upgrade to a 4K capable camera. I'm not looking at anything more than a DSLR right now, as when my projects get bigger I'd be renting the appropriate camera (Red / Alexa / etc etc) and hiring a DP who is better skilled than me at this stuff.

    So I'm on the fence between Canon 5D Mk4 or the Sony A7s. I already have Canon L series glass, I know that there is an adapter, but does that have any affect on the lens? Also on smaller shoots that don't need 4k, but require two cameras, would the Sony A7s image cut well with my old 7D? Just trying to weigh the pros and cons before throwing down a bunch of cash.

  • I just preordered the Panasonic GH5. All of the research I've done shows it to be one of the best hybrid cameras (for photo and video). Only 2 more months of waiting...

  • I'm in the same predicament. 5Ds are still always working on every set I'm on, but the A7 is a great camera as well. The GH5 looks like it's going to be a solid contender too.

  • The 5D, especially with the the new Mark IV and its 4K capabilities, is always going to be a solid choice. It all depends on what you want to do with it, though. The A7sII and rII are fantastic choices if you're looking for lightweight setups. Personally I like the look and color profile of the canon sensor more. The new(ish) Nikon d500 also looks like it could be a good one to throw in the conversation. Crop sensor, which is a little disappointing, but also a very good value at under 2 grand for a 4K capable DSLR. I also feel that Nikon still has the edge as far as stills are concerned (and thus Timelapsing). But, as I said, it all comes down to what you want to do with the gear.

  • I guess it's what you are looking to do? I love my 5d with MagicLantern! The Sony seems like a great camera, but I it's not going to do anything that I NEED to do, and as a professional photographer, I love the photos Canon takes. If I were to look in to a new camera, I would go with the GH5. It's just got too much not to give it a try. And for your "L" lenses, you can get a MetaBones adapter. They are amazing and will take your 2.8 down to a 1.4.

  • Its still a good camera but there are other DSLRs you should consider too like the GH4/GH5, the A7s, other Canon cameras like the C300.

  • Does it have to be a DSLR? I have the Panasonic GH3 and I love it. Wonderful camera. Now they're coming out with a GH5. Does this fit your need?

  • A7s owner - great camera, superior in many ways to 5D, but has higher than normal rolling shutter - almost unusable for critical handheld work on anything above 35mm. (Artifacts include subtle jello, not just obvious leaning lines - some clients this is not as big of an issue but others just a no go). Harder but not impossible to get good color out of it, not usually a problem unless you don't have resources in post pipeline. If your a photographer / occasional videographer, these hybrid cameras make a lot of sense, but if anyway to get into an FS5, is vastly superior for the work at hand or maybe even C100 or mkI C300 is fairly cheap now.

  • Since this is a yes or no question the answer is simply no.

    Mirrorless cameras are the way to go if you're talking stills and if you need video NEVER USE A DSLR.

  • i love my A 7s 2

  • D5, D77, D7, A7's - all great cameras - difference is price, so which one to get is about budget. I've looked at all and think the D5 is good camera and least expensive compared to the newer models. For 4k - go with Go Pro - the color on Hero 5 is awesome and it is an affordable camera. Low light - no pixels- just darkness where it is dark - though with 4k editing can be challenging depending on your system. I love the light weight of the D77... A7's sound fun, they are mirrorless... I've read that mirrorless may not be the way to go compared to newest DLSR Full Frame Cameras - best to read pros and cons on the web from those who have tried both. Go to your nearest camera shop and check each one out and ask the sales agents and read about each camera's features. Have fun with your new camera whichever you choose.

  • In a word: no.

    GH5 is my preference. Mirrorless is way more affordable and the ability to mix and match lenses is what makes me happiest about it. Obviously it's not the same as a cinema camera.

  • I like my Panasonic GH4. I like the look of my footage and the price and the compact size of the camera. I booked a few gigs with it without complaints from my clients.

  • i have a canon and a GH4... I like the GH4. 96 fps Cinema 4k you can never go wrong.

  • like said above, I'd look into the a7 series or even the a6300/a6500.

    If you decide to go with a 5D, though, I'd pick up 2 5d2's instead of a single 5d3. It's always good to have a backup or the option for a second angle, nearly all of the accessories work with both, and the video coming out of the mk3 is identical to the mk2 until you get into ridiculous ISO levels. My mk2 is still an absolute workhorse, and I've had it for around 6 years.

  • If you plan to shoot still photos, it's a fine camera. If you want to shoot video - it's a pretty poor solution. Then again, it's a cheap(er) solution than other options, but you get what you pay for. Several productions I've worked on lately use it as a backup camera and it's clearly evident when the 5D footage shows up in the show. It's not good video camera. The C300 is a better economical option.

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    PS I have no idea why Staff Me Up just fed me this question... it being 7 months old. By now, you've surely purchased this - or some other - camera. As such, it's too late to say this, but: DSLR cameras are not video cameras and should therefor be used as such.

  • I use the GH4 with the custom audio attachment. Uses an SD card. Doesn't shut down after 29 minutes. Using my old NIKON lenses with the Metabones adapter. 1/2 the price!

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