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  • Flosports is one of my favorite companies to work for. They are wonderful.
  • I will get in trouble if I say what I am really thinking, I usually do, but, the better productions pay the travel costs, hotels, etc. You just have to, in my opinion, get past the ones that don't and start working for the ones that do. I hope that …
  • Yes, to everything Martin said. So, it's a Martin majority opinion.
  • Allyson, there's no set way to do this. Pun intended. It really depends on who you're working for. If you're dealing with somebody who's got some weird ego thing and never wants to be wrong then you probably shouldn't say anything. One of my favorit…
  • Allyson, The real problem is that there's a lot of bad people in this business and a lot of incompetent people. I'll probably get in trouble for this somehow, but the best productions are run by women, that is just historically accurate. Sometimes i…
  • Allyson, I don't understand the post. It looks like you're saying that you got there and the address was wrong and the address that they were at right before that was also wrong, and then they were going to go back to that other incorrect address. I…
  • Hi, yes, get on Google Earth and look for homes near train tracks, highways and airports, then you can rule those out.
  • Hello, Well. It could be a way to try to deceive whoever funded the project. I.e., "Our budget was so large, because we had 6 people in wardrobe." When they only had 2. Cheers.