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  • Production Management Ap

    What's everyone's favorite pre-production software or ap? I work for a live broadcasting company that needs a better calendar and database. Ive looked for industry specific items and they are always script based. I need something more project based that I can attach gear out lists, call sheets and proposals to. I would love to attach crew and producers to projects as well. Does anyone have any recommendations? The cheaper the better as I still have to convince the team they need it.

  • Landing First production coordinator job

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to step into the next phase of my career. I do a lot coordinator duties under the title of Broadcast Desk associate right now for corporate broadcasting. I book crews, compile call sheets and review shoot specs with clients. I apply to a lot of coordinator roles but nothing seems to come back. Any advice is welcome!

  • Re: Local vs Traveling your crew

    This is a conversation we have often at work. My company often travels full teams with their gear. It takes us a long time to trust new vendors. So if it's a new city to us we will send a tried and true crew. Our sales team is not a fan. In addition to the cost sometimes there is increased risk. Such as vendors renting equipment in the destination city and that rental not being up to par, or not being able to run to the shop if something is missing. We do live broadcasts so that environment can be much less flexible then other types of field production. I've never regretted standing by a crew we trust.