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    Unfortunately, there is no way to placate incompetent people or those with unearned power in our "industry." You could hire a CPA to prove payroll fraud and they'd blame you for their sneaky accounting. If you complain to a union and even provide proof and corroboration with other members, the union will almost always side with the studio who is paying the bills, and someone will no doubt get fired in retaliation. If you ask why your major employer's paychecks are not cash-able, even after spending hours with their supposedly up and up accountant who insists he/she doesn't understand, they will not hire you next season. And if you wait a month for a paycheck and find nobody even entered your startup paperwork and ask if you could be paid, you will be fired.

    Please note these are each violations of various Acts and subject to discipline by the NLRB and other government agencies but they go completely unpunished and the statues of limitations can be 90 days which make them almost impossible to pursue.

    Bottom line, many companies making a living off Old Media Hollywood are fairly adept at being corrupt evil, celebrating incompetence and everything you're not supposed to discriminate about. Personally, I'm making my bed in New Media and the major corporations behind it. They'll be corrupt soon, but at least they have too much to lose to get the NLRB after them, so they'll be more accountable one would suppose.

    Does that mean to give up working in Entertainment? NO! But be very careful who you work for and judge them on their behavior overall so you know what to talk about. It's like a dysfunctional cartel. Keep your head down and land a better job when you smell sulphur :wink:

    -- Blessings