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  • Working around Net 30 jobs as a freelancer


    I wanted to see if there was anyone who has any advice regarding getting around net 30 jobs. I work as a freelancer a lot and I know it is typical for companies to be operate as net 30 on payments, but I wanted to know if there were any contract clauses or agreements that would get around this. Ultimately I know I can not accept a job if I know in advance that the production company is net 30, but I wanted to see if anyone else had different experiences working with them.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Re: Work in Atlanta

    Hey Nick, I live here in Atlanta, and I can tell you there is plenty of work on the ground here. Many people are moving from LA here because of the increase of work. Reality, Scripted, and the indie scene is really vibrant here.

  • Re: Local 600: To join or not to join?

    Really enjoyed reading these responses. I am very green, and have a few friends in the 600 who are pushing me towards it. The advantage I have is that i'm in Atlanta and it seems to be on the incline. There is somewhat of a "shortage" of local 600 members here.

  • Looking to network with Atlanta area freelancers


    I am an Atlanta camera operator. I am always looking to extend my list of people in my area that are freelancing. I am always hired out for small jobs, and would love to add some of you to my shortlist of references for other positions.

  • Re: Do I need to move to LA or NY to get regular and traveling AC work?

    Don't forget Atlanta. I am currently interning at a rental house here in Atlanta, and on average there are more shows on the ground here than anywhere else right now. It's worth a look. Cheers!